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Unfortunately, automobile accidents can happen to anyone.  From a fender bender to a catastrophic accident, Texas roads experience some of the highest numbers of traffic accidents in the country.  According to the Texas Department of Transportation, 254,415 persons were injured in motor vehicle crashes in 2017.  Of those accidents, there were 14,282 serious injury crashes with 17,535 people sustaining a serious injury. When you are hurt in an automobile accident which is caused by the carelessness of another person or business, it is their legal duty to make you whole either by seeking compensation through their insurance company or directly through the responsible party. 

Not only will your injuries affect the value of your case, where the accident happened and where you and the responsible party live will impact the value, as well.  A plaintiff may file their lawsuit in any county that is proper according to Texas law, which usually means either where the accident occurred, where the defendant lives, or where the plaintiff resides.  This is called “venue.”  Where you are potentially filing a lawsuit and negotiating a settlement with an insurance company or where you actually file a lawsuit has an effect on the value of your claim.

Some counties are more favorable to the plaintiff, some are more favorable to the defendant, and some are right down the middle. Factors such as local judicial profile, demographics, and political climate determine whether you’re in a county that may be more or less favorable to your case. 

Generally, many of the southern counties such as Nueces, Hidalgo, and Cameron are more plaintiff-friendly.  In addition, many eastern counties such as Jefferson, Nacogdoches, and Liberty are either plaintiff-friendly or neutral to both parties.  On the other hand, much of the panhandle of Texas, except Gray and Wheeler counties, is either neutral or more defendant-friendly.  The larger counties such as Harris, Fort Bend, Travis, and Bexar seem to be in the middle, except Dallas county, which is now considered a more plaintiff-friendly venue.  Nevertheless, juries in the Rio Grande Valley and Gulf Coast are the best venues for bringing a car accident lawsuit.  These juries tend to be more sympathetic to injured parties and award larger settlements and, in effect, the settlements in these areas tend to be larger.

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