Have you or someone you know been exposed to dangerous substances such as benzene, radiation, asbestos, lead, silica, contaminated groundwater, or other toxic substance at home, work, or in other places?  Has this exposure caused symptoms such as rashes, allergies, headaches, or more serious illnesses such as lung ailments or cancer?

Under the law, when a responsible party negligently causes dangerous substances to be emitted into the environment coming in contact with others, that individual or company is responsible for any damages that have been caused.  This contact may occur in the workplace, such as where incidental or accidental benzene contact may occur throughout the workday.  Additionally, exposure may occur in your home or other place, such as where groundwater has been contaminated by toxic substances or where lead may be present in building components.

The complexities of these types of cases demand the knowledge of a highly experienced legal expert to assess the merits of a claim using medical, scientific, and historical exposure data to link the toxic exposure event to the injury.  Occasionally, it may take several years of exposure to toxic agents for an individual to experience signs or symptoms.  Without the assistance of a toxic exposure legal expert, it may be difficult to prove that the symptoms or illness were caused by the negligence of a person or a company.  Milano Legal Group will provide you with the legal know-how and experience to successfully prove your toxic exposure injury in order to receive compensation to the maximum of your legal rights.

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