Every day millions of drivers take to the roads with big rigs, 18-wheelers, and other commercial vehicles. Unfortunately, commercial drivers don’t always respect the responsibility that comes with driving a large truck. Even worse, companies may employ drivers that lack the qualifications to drive or have a bad driving record. Companies have a responsibility to the public to ensure that all of their drivers will operate their commercial trucks in a safe and competent manner.

Milano Legal Group has handled numerous commercial trucking cases.  We know the rules of the road, the law, and the regulations with which trucking companies and commercial vehicles must comply.  From the start of your case all the way through its resolution, attorney Anthony J. Milano takes the time to give your case the individual attention it needs.  Someattorneys try to avoid the courtroom at all costs. This is NOT the approach attorney Anthony J. Milano takes.  Every case is prepared from the start as if it is going to trial.  This is done so that the trucking companies know you mean business. Your health and your family’s health are precious, and Milano Legal Group will fight for every dollar you deserve so that you can best return to a normal life.

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